The company uses the railway sidings in its territory, a total length of 3.68 km to serve cargo needed to be transport by rail. The rail sidings are connected to the warehouses for easy and fast loading from/to all types of wagons, containers, etc. 
Railway services are as below:
  • Freight transportation by railway, simple and complex cargo export-import to / from the EU, the Baltics, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, kazakhstan, Asia, etc. 
  • Preparation of documents needed for rail transport such as SMGS/CIM, CARNET, Certificates, etc. 
  • Oversize cargo loading - preparation and coordination of oversize cargo schemes.
  • Rolling stock services - receiving/returning of wagons, containers, etc to your named station.
  • Representation at railway station. 
  • Cargo loading/unloading into all types of wagons.
  • Storage of wagons in our territory.