Freight handling

Executing logistics plan to move products and packages to reach their final destinations, our logistics team have the capabitity to load up to 13 wagons and 15 trucks at a time.


  • Loading - unloading - reloading works: from truck to truck, from trucks to rail cars, containers., Packaging, sorting, grading, and labelling, Oversized/Project cargo handling.
  • Cross docking.
  • Product labeling and relabeling, sorting, grading, and all related works. 
  • Manual loading, stevedoring, cargo handling services, porter services, pallet loading and unloading using loaders, larger cargo loading using overhead crane, gantry crane, truck crane.
  • Desembling, assembling palletized and non palleted cargo and prepare them for transport when needed.
  • Truck and wagon weighing service.
  • Railway wagon loading, unloading, reloading.