Diversity work

Warehousing and storage facilities, warehouses, cargo storage.

Veterinary storage.

Warehouses, storage rental, mechanical, manual handling, stevedoring, cargo handling services, porter services, pallet loading and unloading loaders, larger cargo loaded overhead crane, gantry crane, truck crane.

Unloading, preparation for transport, the transportation convenience dismembered goods collection.

All types of cargo wagons - storage.

We also offer loading - unloading - reloading works: from truck to truck, from trucks to rail cars, containers.

Oversized cargo handling, cargo operations, tower cranes unloading, stacking tower cranes, mobile cranes up to 30 tons.

Truck and wagon weighing service.

Railway wagon loading, unloading, reloading.

Ability to load, unload up to 13 cars and 15 cars at a time.